About Us

Outwood Together, established in 2015, is a professional collaboration consisting of 8 schools.It represents primary, special, faith schools and academies drawn from the Outwood area of Wakefield.

What we do, and how we work, is informed by a set of values and beliefs shared across Outwood Together.


Share excellent, innovative practice
Share professional skills and resources

Support, include and develop all our children
Support high quality staff development

Inspire the future achievements of all our children to develop a lifelong love of learning
Inspire and motivate all staff to never stop learning
All children deserve an outstanding education and all teachers deserve outstanding professional development.

Our role is to create a culture of learning in which school leaders, teachers and everyone in a school community collaborate to share expertise, overcome challenges together and realise their aspirations for themselves and for their pupils.

We are ambitious in our plans for continuous improvement and committed to a belief in the power of collaboration within our diverse range of schools.