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Working together to raise standards of progress and achievement through school-to-school support and a collaborative approach to professional development

Following an informal working partnership with eight schools, the strategic decision was made to work together on a collaborative partnership to enable all schools within the group to aim for excellence, develop innovation and provide strong support to one another.

Outwood Together:

Established in January 2015 as a result of a deep-rooted passion held by the eight schools to be an inclusive group, aiming for the very best for our children and staff.
Made up of schools across the Outwood area of Wakefield and includes Primary Schools, Academies and a Special School.
Committed to fostering excellence within member schools and beyond, raising standards of teaching and learning and providing the children of Outwood Together with an education that equips them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to ensure that they can fully reach their potential and are prepared for their future.
A dynamic group, working pro-actively in the areas of Teacher Development, Continuous Professional Development, School to School Support, Leadership and action research.
This website is now a key part of our communication across schools, we regularly update with new initiatives, courses, action research and developments that are happening within our schools, as well as key dates and training opportunities as they arise.

As a team we look forward to working together over the coming years and please let us know of any ideas, comments or feedback on what we are doing, as always in teaching we are continuously looking to change, improve and evolve…


If you are interested in the work of Outwood Together please contact our chair, Mrs J FrostĀ